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Galvanized steel and cold rolled steel differences

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All steel plate and pipe products contains 2 basic elements- carbon and iron, there might be some composition differences and various manufacture process. As for galvanized steel coil and cold rolled steel coil, they are similar steel products with unique performance and applications.

Galvanzing Steel Production and Advantages

Galvanized steel is usually known as hot dip galvanized steel, as the name shows, galvanized steel is produced by sinking steel product into molten zinc, then zinc layer is oxidized fast in the open air. Compared with iron, zinc is less active in oxidation reduction process, and that’s why zinc layer can protect steel product in our life and it is so popular.

Cold Rolled Steel Defination


Cold rolling and hot rolling process are 2 shaping methods of steel products, cold rolling products has higher precision in product dimensions, it is suitable for more applications which requires high dimension. Cold rolling happens bellow the crystallization temperature, it is controlled by different types of rollers, basic products are cold rolled sheet and coils, other shapes like cylinders, I beams, pipes can also be formed.

Difference between Galvanized Steel coil and Cold Rolled Steel coil

Can cold rolled steel product be galvanized? The answer is yes, they are 2 different processing methods for different purposes, one is for shaping, the other is for protection from corrosion. The only limit for galvanized steel is it can not be used at high temperature conditions, if the surface is scratched, the zinc layer will lost its protection at the scratching point.

Strength Comparsion of Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel

Galvanized steel product can be produced with cold and hot rolled steel, usually, hot rolled steel has better yield strength than cold rolled steel, for cold rolling process breaks grain structure of the steel, and hot rolling improves the grain structure. Cold rolled steel has better surface conditions than hot rolled steel. Customers shall choose the right steel products for your different uses.

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